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The invitation only Ballast fund opens up the DeFi world to accredited investors. We identify optimal yields in DeFi through yield farming, arbitrage, staking, providing liquidity on DEXs, speculation on new protocols, lending, and quantitative trading. 

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Investing in blockchain and decentralized finance

We believe that DeFi is the future of global finance. In order to capitalize on this future, a cohesive ecosystem of blockchain products and a programmatic approach to investing is necessary to create the most value. Sign up to learn more. 

Blockchain and Crypto Special Situations

Along with our sister fund, we back companies that we believe will be successful in helping to accelerate and promote the institutional adoption of DeFi, IPFS and Blockchain technology. Our network has unparalleled institutional, startup, and growth expertise in analyzing and providing capital to partner businesses in all stages of their lifecycle, from seed stage ventures to mature operating businesses. 


We co-found, incubate and grow companies and products that seek to accelerate innovation in blockchain and decentralized applications. As entrepreneurs with multiple exits we are often the first to see gaps in the market and our studio exists to capitalize on them quickly.


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If you believe your project is a good fit for Ballast. Please submit it here. We are always looking for the next wave of Blockchain innovation to invest in.