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Community driven cross chain DeFi farming strategies for max yield.

We help investors maximize yield by finding the best strategies across the seven seas, automating their implementation and compounding returns creating compelling APYs that can’t be found on any individual chain. Community driven, multi-member, cross chain DeFi farming strategies for max yield.

Seamlessly farm on multiple chains with Ballast, an asset protocol focusing maximizing APY. Learn how to join the community and get access to research, group strategies, and step-by-step guides. 

Read our Whitepaper and join our community.

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Community Managed Yield Farming Strategies – Soon With 🤖🤖🤖!

Defi’s scattered landscape makes it extremely difficult and time consuming for the average investor to garner the yield that’s possible to receive – bridging between chains is clunky – finding legitimate projects is time consuming – and selling and compounding gains into your desired asset makes it all the more complex – and that’s if you can navigate the cross-chain ecosystem. 

Ballast arms you with the tools and information you need to make safe yield farming decisions, projects are vetted by the community, and risk metrics, investment tools and information is shared freely among members. 

Whether you’re looking to try yield farming for the first time, looking for high stable coin yields or want to experiment with new products vetted by our team you can find them here.

Oh and on our roadmap … create your own Defi strategies on our platform and receive a share of the revenue when users use them, then automates the entire process and adjusts your returns depending on your level of risk tolerance.

But for now … enjoy the strategies in our Discord and come sail away, come sail away, come … well you get it.

Recent News

Ballast Finance to the moon

IDO in January on an AMM/DEX

We are minting $BLST this Friday and sending them to a multi-sig Gnosis safe.

Because equitable launches are the fairest, we have decided not to pursue a private sale of any sort despite interest from  capital. Instead, we believe it is in the Community’s best interest that everyone accesses the Token simultaneously.

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Token Airdtop

Upcoming Airdop

To accelerate the development of the platform, we will be issuing 6,260,870 $BLST tokens in Q1 of 2022, where 57.36% will be distributed to the community through a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on either Copper or an AMM/DEX, an airdrop for community members who meet specific criteria, and weekly capitalization events.

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State of the dApp

State of the dApp

With the year coming to a wrap, I figured it might be about time to post a handful of updates to the people who have expressed interest in this platform in 2021.

First, I want to touch on a subject that has come up a handful of times as to the project’s origin, how that changed since April 2021 and what the future holds.

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Get Involved

If you believe that you are a good fit for Ballast. Please submit your information here. We are always looking for excellent people to add to the team.