Programmatically Optimized
DeFi Yields

Earn the highest APY across DeFi platforms without actively managing your tokens. Our robo-advisor optimizes for risk adjusted returns using a series of vetted 3rd party DeFi platforms – and spend and earn $BLST tokens to interact with the community. Read our Whitepaper.

and join our community.

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Community built strategies for some.

 Participate in robo-optimized pools that generate the highest yields across platforms or create your own DeFi  strategies – set your own risk levels and open your pool to others to participate in. 

A robo-advisor for everyone else.

We are developing a machine learning model that reallocates capital between protocols for optimal DeFi yield. Mix and match your allocations with community built strategies, or let the bot do optimize for you. 

An API for DeFi

Our ultimate goal is a DeFi liquidity protocol for real-world financial applications. We are working towards an open, decentralized, distributed, liquidity infrastructure, platform, and application programming layer for use in on and off chain apps and have isolated partners to bring Ballast to users in Latin America and Europe.

And a full suite of DeFi products

Because our ultimate goal is to offer a full suite of DeFI products to on and off chain users – this means a better financial experience for everyone.

Get Involved

If you believe that you are a good fit for Ballast. Please submit your information here. We are always looking for excellent people to add to the team.