January still saw the compensation agreement from 2021 carry over, an additional 100k tokens were allocated to four accounts. These along with the 2021 grants will begin vesting at the end of the mont via smart contract, the timeframe is still being worked out, but no less than 3 months, and likely no more than 12. We will of course share the vesting smart contract with the community.

Moving forward a tiered compensation structure has been established that scales compensation based on the number of hours spent on the project.

For example, if I only contribute to the project12 hours this month, then I would get my

  • first 5 hours granted at 65% of my hourly ballast rate of 156 $BLST, so 102 BLST/hr,
  • the next 5 hours would be granted out at 70%, so 109 $BLST/hour,
  • and the final two hours at 125 $BLST/hr

For a total of 1305 $BLST tokens for the month. The more we as a core team put in, the more committed we are the better the grant is. Makes sense? Here is the distribution table.

Core Team — this is Aristokrates, Simon, Perch and myself.
Team — is everyone else on the team, engineering, product, design, ops, analysts, growth, etc… who elect not to be compensated in fiat.
Advisors — are expereinced individuals in the space who — well, advise us, whether it’s on growth, legal, regulatory, partnership development, what have you.
Contributors — are individuals from the community who want to help out — be it creating a community telegram group, bringing Ballast to their region, creating documents that the community can use as a whole.

Compensation will be accrued monthly. Disbursement is still TBD, but we’re working on it.

There are two additional caveats that I want to communicate to everyone.

  1. This is not a permanent grant schedule, as the economics of the token change, so will the grant schedule.
  2. Should the token price reach $1.00 USDC before this schedule is updated, then the schedule automatically decreases to a maximum threshold of 1token, 1 dollar, meaning if the price of $BLST surges to $2, the Core Team Distribution drops to 12,500 BSLT.

This as all things on platform are open to discussion. Preferably on Discord.

Join the project at:

Website — https://ballast.finance
Discord — https://discord.gg/TtWMhRRqzR
Telegram — https://t.me/ballastfi