We wrote the $BLST/Ballast Community Token Contract, we have a Gnosis safe, and we are ready to deploy and launch it via IDO on Uniswap V3 at the end of the month.

We are setting the token price low to allow for equal footing — for all individuals and investors interested. In short, no private sale, no pre-sale. Everyone starts in the same place.


The goal of Ballast has always been to increase access to high DeFi yields, to create strategies for DeFi yields that seek to maximize the risk-reward ratio and to make the whole process simple by automating much of it.

To start, we are focusing on increased access and strategies — and the content provided will come in the form of education, spreadsheets, calculators, market indicators, and such. The goal is to empower our community, stop yield chasing, and create concrete goals and methods to attain those goals using Cross-Chain DeFi.

Beyond providing tools from us to our community, we want to leverage members of Ballast to share and participate in making the community stronger and better. Together we are better than any individual and, this togetherness allows us to find new and better farms, share strategies, and grow our wealth together.


BLST is also the start of our ecosystem. In the Whitepaper, we speak to the dapp Ballast Finance, which will automate many of the DeFi strategies we create and provide a more seamless way for our community to invest in the space, and we are going to do this agile. Release, update, learn, release update, learn. Beyond yield farming optimization, there are additional dapplets in the works that we believe will make the platform quite appealing.


For starters, access to the community, access to tools, access to a group of people who research this space. But Beyond the community — perks — that will become available once we add additional tiers to membership, a DAO for the community. While any votes on the platform are soft, the community will be governed by a DAO; expect more DAO information in February.


IDO begins on the 31st of January; we are not releasing a time, but watch our Twitter for the announcement.

The first week of February — we connect the Discord to collab.land. We will use this for the Airdrop and membership access controls. Membership access starts at 1,000 BLST. We will be introducing lower and higher-tiered levels in the future. For now, 1k $BLST is what you need for access.

In mid-February, we start dropping member-only content. What does this mean? It’s explained in the platform section below.

In mid-February, we also accelerate development — the base architecture for the dapp is written, we now need additional engineering support to expand on it. The time necessary to release an MVP is around three to four months. So around May/June-ish or so.

Beyond that, there are plans, but they are still too nebulous to share. The best place to keep up to date with what we’re doing is Twitter, followed by our Discord announcements channel and finally Telegram.

In Late February, DAO rules will be put to a snapshot vote.

Launching a community token to raise capital for continued platform development is one thing, doing it with the community in mind is what we believe underpins the culture of Web3.

Discord — https://discord.gg/TtWMhRRqzR
Telegram — https://t.me/ballastfi
Twitter — https://twitter.com/BallastFinance