You found out about Ballast and want to join the community. Great! But, you’re not crypto native, and it all seems super difficult and confusing and maybe a little scary. We get it; the BIG problem with the space, and DeFi in particular, is just how much of a total pain in the butt it can be to navigate. But, there’s also a saying in crypto — the more of a pain it is to access, the better the long-term reward.

Getting Set Up

First thing first, you need to get set up. Here’s what you’ll need

  1. Chrome / Brave / Firefox or some other browser that works with a Web3 wallet.
  2. A way to get fiat (USD or Euro) into Ethereum and/or USDC.
  3. A Web 3 Wallet like Metamask or Coinbase Wallet

What you want to do is as follows.

  • Install Metamask as your browser extension.
  • In some jurisdIctions you can buy Eth through Metamask, it doesn’t have the best rates though, and is more expensive than an exchange like Coinbase. Alternatively, Open up a Coinbase (this link gives you $10 worth of BTC when you sign up and buy $100 worth of Crypto. Disclosure. I get $10 as well) or some other exchange account and buy Ether. (You will need to get enough to buy as much of the $BLST token as you like and pay for network fees ~$200 on a bad day, it’s BS. (We talk about how to mitigate these and get off Mainnet in the Discord).
  • Move that Ether to your Metamask wallet, this is a total Pain in the behind the first time you do it.

Getting Eth to go from a centralized exchange like Coinbase to your Metamask wallet may take a few days, depending on what exchange you’re using and whether or not it holds your assets until your capital clears. I know Gemini works like this, but I am less sure about Coinbase or others.

Once your Web3 (Metamask/CoinbaseWallet) has your Eth you can go to Uniswap and trade Eth or USDC for anything.

To get Ballast, you just follow this link, put in the amount of Eth you want to spend, you’ll see a series of prompts, follow the prompts from Uniswap and Metamask. Allow what it needs you to allow, and swap what needs to be swapped.

Here is a good guide from the Kromatika team on how to do this for their token. When following their guide, just be sure to enter the Ballast contract address into your Metamask wallet. Our address is:


Once the transaction finalizes, you’ll have the token in your wallet, but it won’t display.

To do this you have to import the token to display in Metamask. To do this, follow the instructions here.

Once you add the token and see it in your wallet, it’s yours. If you are having trouble, hop into our discord and post what’s going on in the help section, and we’ll try and do our best to help you out.

Joining Discord

Discord is a chat app, Similar to WhatsApp but more robust as a chat platform, its central to the crypto community as a whole along with Telegram and Signal. We chose Discord for its extendability and functionality.

Next, join our Discord Server, once the token is live you will need to verify you $BSLT tokens using an app called Collab.Land, but this all done from within Discord. See you there soon!

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